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Just hit 100 likes a few days ago!! I just want to thank you all for your support in making me go this far. Seeing this makes me happy because I am actually at school right now in History class (boring). I will be posting again soon. Bye for now!


❤ Jordan


Almana by Julayn Adams

“In the aftermath of World War III, the world has become a dangerous place. The ruthless dictator, Equis, and his army, Armageddon, are quickly taking over major metropolitan areas on the west coast of the United States. The end of humanity is imminent. Their one hope lies in the hands of a seventeen year old girl, Alexa. When Almana volunteers to leave Heaven to guide Alexa, she never thought that her own destiny would include falling in love with a human. Now, cursed to remain on Earth forever, Almana finds that her task is much more than she bargained for.”

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Im Back/ Coming Soon

Hi bookworm! I am so happy to be back. I have so many book reviews I need to put up so come back soon. I will next be putting a review on a wonderful book called Almana. Next up i’ll be the amazing book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. And last but not least an enchanting book called Wren. Thank u guys all for all of your support on reading and following my blog. That is all for now. See ya soon!

💗 Jordan


Happy New Year!!

Sorry I didn’t put this in time. I have been spending a lot of time with my family, with Christmas and everything. I just want to say happy new year to everyone. Oh just to let you know I have read a lot of books. I think about four of five. So keep a look out for that. For Christmas my parents got me the book Divergent. I just finished it!!! Its so good!! I will be writing a review about it soon. I will be back soon bookworms😊


💗 Jordan

Merry Christmas bookworms😊

My mom’s computer broke about a week ago so I didn’t put a Christmas post on time. I got the newest kindle fire on Christmas so that is what I am using for now on. I love my new tablet!!! Anyway I just would like to say Merry Christmas to you all. I am so happy that I am able to go on the blog now thanks to my new kindle fire🙌I have just finished the last Harry Potter book so keep a look out for that. Bye for now bookworms😉


I have twenty followers!

I got this a while ago, but I never got time to post something about it. I feel like that isn’t a lot of followers. I have seen blogs in just a few short months they get like a hundred followers. I just have to be patient. I know I will be able to  make that goal😄  Bye for now bookworms!!!


💗 Jordan

This or That #3

Hello bookworms!! Welcome to another This or That!!! If you have not done This or That let me tell you the rules.

Every Monday I will be giving two different characters/ scenarios. After that you need to decide which character/ scenario is the best or which one is better for you. Then on Friday go to this link here so you can see Rae’s conclusion for which one wins!!

So today This or That wasn’t a really hard one for me to answer so I don’t think it will be hard for you.


Do you read one book at a time?


Do you read multiple books and switch between them?

Like I said this wasn’t a hard one to do. I have read multiple books at a time but it was really hard for me to do. Sometimes I forget what I am reading by doing that!!! It just gets super confusing.

So you heard my opinion, what is your opinion? Can you read multiple books at a time or would it be hard for you?

Last time I didn’t get any comments so I didnt get any votes. We need more votes so that we can get a conclusion. Please comment below on what scenario you would choose. Bye for now bookworms😉

💗 Jordan


I am sorry I haven’t been blogging lately. I have been so busy and I only get a limited amount of time to blog. I will be trying to catch up on all of my tags, awards, and book reviews. So don’t worry, I won’t be gone long:D

This or That #2

I am sorry I have not been on my blog lately. I hope you forgive me.

If you have not done This or That here is the rules. Every Monday I will be giving two different characters/ scenarios  you think is the best. Then on Friday go to this link here so you can see Rae’s conclusion. I really liked this scenario so lets get started.

Do you annotate/ highlight  your books?


Do you prefer to not write in your books?

I would not write in my books. Its horrible! If it was like a textbook I would book sticky notes or something in it. But only to help me study. But in general I wouldn’t write in my books.  It ruins the books!!!

Would you write in your books? Let me know what you think by writing a comment below. Bye for now bookworms 😀

-Jordan 💗

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