Let me tell you a bit about myself. Hi and if you don’t know me (Which you probably don’t) My name is Jordan and like most of you I love books. I love to write and review book and absolutely love writing my own stories to you guys. I live in Melbourne, Australia with my immediate family (Mom, Dad, and brothers.) I am American and moved to Australia around three years ago and love it. The rest of my family live in America but we still talk often.

I am in year nine. (So a high-school student or if you live in Australia I would be a secondary student) And since I am a high-school student I have lots of hormones and have a lot on my mind so I use writing and reviews as my way of talking and coping with feelings (So pretty much just a normal teenager.) Anyway not only do I love reading and writing, I really love cooking and surprisingly I love cleaning (So I guess not really a normal teenager in that sense.)

I’m a Christian at heart and love learning about God and through him I’m finding myself as a person. So throughout this blog you will see me grow not only as a person but with my writing skills 😉 So don’t give up on me yet! Another strange thing about myself is I LOVE going outside and exploring nature and I don’t really have social media. (Which is quite surprising as a high school student.) I hope you guys like my blog and find me just a bit relatable or humorous 😉 Bye for now!!