Hey Bookworms! I am back from a long break! I’m really sorry I haven’t been posting and answering to comments and requests as I have been very busy with home life. I had lots of homework and lots of stuff going on that I had forgot about this blog completely!

As a student in year nine I can tell you I had a bunch of homework. My stress became really high and anxiety was a big issue with me. I am now home schooled with my lovely mom as my teacher. Part of my schooling will be doing this blog and writing reviews. Who knows, I might even write short stories and stuff on here for you guys to enjoy!

As you guys probably know I am a HUGE bookworm and read constantly so it might surprise you that I have no reviews up on my website. Let me quickly explain why that is. One day I started reading back my reviews and realized that a lot of them had lots of grammar mistakes and poor word choices. So what I will be doing is rewriting my reviews and maybe briefly skim through those books to get a good understanding of what I read.

So really stay tuned for new reviews and I promise that this time there will be NO LONG BREAKS!!! So I will be posting as soon as possible. Oh and almost forgot I will be changing my blog name and if you bookworms have any website name ideas please let me know by commenting down below! Your guy’s help is so much appreciated! Don’t give up on my yet! Be posting soon! Bye for now bookworms!

– Jordan