“In the aftermath of World War III, the world has become a dangerous place. The ruthless dictator, Equis, and his army, Armageddon, are quickly taking over major metropolitan areas on the west coast of the United States. The end of humanity is imminent. Their one hope lies in the hands of a seventeen year old girl, Alexa. When Almana volunteers to leave Heaven to guide Alexa, she never thought that her own destiny would include falling in love with a human. Now, cursed to remain on Earth forever, Almana finds that her task is much more than she bargained for.”

My Review: This book was absolutely amazing! I really had a deep connection with all of the characters including the bad ones. Almana and Cam really have a great connection and relationship with each other that I never thought they would. All of these characters gave me lots of feels such as love and friendship. It made me feel like I was in the book with Cam and Alexa. I really felt like I was Almana and I think that was Adams’s intention. The only problem I had with this book was the ending. It all seemed too fast and it was a bit hard to comprehend, especially when it changes from Almana’s perspective to Alexa’s perspective. Don’t get me wrong its a great ending it just took me a bit and some reading back to understand it fully. All in all this was I really amazing book that I will cherish forever.


A big five stars!!!!!

Thank you Julayn for the amazing book. Good luck to you for your second book Vision. Cant wait to read it!