Hello bookworms!! Welcome to another This or That!!! If you have not done This or That let me tell you the rules.

Every Monday I will be giving two different characters/ scenarios. After that you need to decide which character/ scenario is the best or which one is better for you. Then on Friday go to this link here so you can see Rae’s conclusion for which one wins!!

So today This or That wasn’t a really hard one for me to answer so I don’t think it will be hard for you.


Do you read one book at a time?


Do you read multiple books and switch between them?

Like I said this wasn’t a hard one to do. I have read multiple books at a time but it was really hard for me to do. Sometimes I forget what I am reading by doing that!!! It just gets super confusing.

So you heard my opinion, what is your opinion? Can you read multiple books at a time or would it be hard for you?

Last time I didn’t get any comments so I didnt get any votes. We need more votes so that we can get a conclusion. Please comment below on what scenario you would choose. Bye for now bookworms😉

💗 Jordan