I am super exited to write a review about the second to last Harry Potter book! It took me all month to read this book because it is so long. It is not the longest Harry Potter book but it is still super long. I will be doing a movie review for the book so don’t forget to peak at my blog once in a while. So hear we go…




Well, why wouldn’t it be five stars? 😀


Blurb about book:

Harry Potter receives a letter from Dumbledore saying that he needs to talk to him before he goes to school. What was super important that Dumbledore had to go to the Dursley’s for?  When Harry gets to school he has suspicions about Malfoy . Is Malfoy the bad person that Harry thinks he is? Or does it just look like he is doing the things that Harry thinks he is doing?

My review:

I think this was my absolute favorite book in the series so far. Like all of the other books It was very detailed and very descriptive. I could not stop reading this one. The one thing I want you guys to know is that there was a lot of Boy and girl teenager drama. There was a bit of kissing and flirting. This book did not have too much of that but it was on the verge on going over the line, especially for a tween book. That is all I really have to say.  I guess without spoiling.

    *Spoil Alert!! If you have not read this book do not read this part!

This book at times made me angry!! Dumbledore is dead!!! And Snape!! I can’t believe Dumbledore trusted him!!! This makes me sad:(

Let me tell you this book gave me lots of mixed feelings. At least Malfoy wasn’t the one who killed Dumbledore. That would make me feel more sad and angry. Why did it have to end like that? Well I think I should be done writing this before I start crying. I hope all of you enjoyed this review *sniff* 😦