I have done my brothers and now it is my turn. This story is a bit more realistic:D I hope you enjoy it!!!

“Mom, why do I have to take care of my cousin?” I said frustrated. The last time I babysat him he ate all of the cake and blamed it on me. After that I was grounded for a month. “Oh sweety I have to work, you can take care of him.” she said walking out the door. “Please mom, I really don’t want to do this. He got me in trouble last time. He ate the cake not me!” I said yelling at my mom. “We already got over this Jake is a good boy, he would never in a million years eat that cake.Now your Aunt will be here any minute so get ready. You still have your pyjamas on!” After saying that she shut the door.

   “Man, come on!” I said stomping up the stairs and into my room. I quickly got dressed and went downstairs. Right when I plopped on the couch I heard the doorbell ring. I got up and answered it. Right in front of me was my Aunt, skinny and with long dark hair. Next to her was my pesky cousin Jake. He looked a lot like my uncle, sandy blond hair with green eyes. “Hi Aunt Marti!” I said trying to sound enthusiastic. “ Hey darling, Have fun taking care of Jake!” I looked at Jake and he stuck his tongue at me. “I will!” I lied. I let Jake in and shut the door.

    I am going to have so much fun! I thought sarcastically. “Can I talk to you for a minute.” He looked like he was sad about something. His big green eyes made me feel bad for him. “What’s wrong?” I asked sitting on the couch next to him. “Can we talk about it in your laundry room?” It sounded like he really liked the room. “Sure, I guess?” I said muttering.  Why does he want to do it in the laundry room? I thought. “I don’t remember the way. Can you lead me there?” he questioned. “Sure, okay.” Now It sounded very suspicious, but those green eyes made it convincing. I went upstairs and he followed me into the hall. I found the laundry room and went in, but he did not follow. He shut the door in my face. Then I heard a click.

He locked me in! I thought shocked. “You let me out of here right now.” I yelled. “No way, I am going to call all of my friends and we are going to have a party. Ha Ha Ha” he said adding an evil laugh. I looked through the keyhole and I saw him do a victory dance.

This is just great! I thought. I started walking back a forth, thinking of. how to get out of this mess. “Oh!!” I screamed. On the floor was a nail. I kicked it and and it hit the washing machine. I sat down and ran my hands through my hair.

“Hello it’s me Jake. I am having a party at my cousin’s place, want to come?” Jake said talking to one of his friends on the phone. That’s it! I can call my mom! I walked up to the washing machine and saw the home phone there. My brother left it there the other day. I dialed my mom’s number and waited for her to answer. It took a while until I heard her say “Honey, I am at work! What do you need?”

Mom, Jake locked me in the laundry room! I was lucky to see the home phone in here.” I said. “Yeah right, how can he put you in the laundry room. I think you trick me into thinking this because you are in trouble for eating that chocolate cake. That cake was for dad’s birthday!” She was very irritated now. “”Jake smudged it on my face right when you came home!” I said angrier than ever. I can here my mom saying still not believing me, then she said “”I will be home early at two o’clock. I need to get back to work. I will see you when I get home”. After saying that she hung up.

I put the phone down and huffed. When will she ever believe me? All of a sudden an idea popped in my brain. Mom is going to be home early, but Jake doesn’t know that! I thought excitedly. I picked up the phone and checked the time. It was one o’clock. “She will be home in an hour.” I mumbled silently.

This was the long hour. There was loud music, banging dishes, and a lot of chatting but I finally I heard the front door open. The chatting and the music stopped. “oh my gosh! Jake what are you doing?Why are all these games and snacks out? Oh!” Mom screeched. “And broken glass!”

“I didn’t do it!” I hear my cousin say. “And all of these kids, get out of my house, out!” I hear a click and the door opens. I see my mom, she is clutching her foot because she stepped on broken glass. “I am so sorry!” she walked up and hugged me. “I should have believed you. So Jake really did eat dad’s birthday cake.” Mom looked at me guiltily. “Yes he did, you grounded me for a whole month!” I said happily. Finally mom trusts me!

We went down stairs into the kitchen. Jake was sitting at the table, crying loudly. We sat next to him and mom said “You are in big trouble young man and I will make sure your mom knows about this. You will be cleaning this mess until this is spotless. I expected more from you. You framed Jordan for eating the cake and you locked her in the laundry room, not to mention having a party in my house! Do you have something to say to us?”

Sorry Jordan, Sorry Aunt Ju Ju.” he said mumbling. “ We forgive you, now clean up this mess.” Mom said tensely.

Jake got up and started cleaning. He didn’t get down until his mom got here. For about an hour mom explained what happened and the whole time my Aunt was looking at Jake angrily. “Thank you for your time, I will make sure Jake will have a huge punishment.” Aunt marti said as she was walking out the door. Right when she and Jake left Dad pulled up into the driveway.

“Hi dad!” I said excitedly. “Hey princess, Wow this room is clean!” Dad put down his briefcase and looked around. “Yes we made sure of that. Jake had a party and locked Jordan in the laundry room. She didn’t eat the cake and we grounded her for a month!” mom cried. “I feel bad, I am really sorry. Is there anything we can get you? We owe you.” Dad said with a guilty look in his eye. “My own phone?” I asked. We all laughed.

The end!