My brother Gavin made this short story for a school project and I will be publishing mine soon. He begged me to put it on the blog so I decided to do it. Get ready for a funny commedy by my twin brother Gavin:D

“Great! Billy Bob Joe locked me in the closet again!” I yelled, trying to find a way to pick the lock.

“Even though my first name is Billy and my surname is Joe, doesn’t  mean my middle name is Bob!” Billy Bob Joe yelled back.

I ignored the comment, still trying to find  something to pick. In the closet, there were laundry machines, a cabinet, a sink, and a door that lead to the backyard.

The door that lead to the backyard, I thought. He won’t see it coming! But what to use to pick the lock…

I looked around the closet finding something to help.


“Yes, I finally win!” Billy Bob Joe yelled. “Now, I get to play videogames all day, and Gavin won’t be here to stop me!”


I could hear him from the closet, I thought. It’s a good thing I hid security cameras in the house. He thinks they’re just ‘big, black, bubbly thingies’ for decoration, but they’re really security cameras.

“Yes!” I said to myself. “I finally found it”.

It was the light bulb.

Now I know what you’re thinking- how do you use a light bulb to pick a lock? Well lucky for me, I looked online the other day and I read this:

  1. break the light bulb.
  2. take the metal thingamabob
  3. put the metal thingamabob in the lock
  4. unlock it, and presto!

So I used the same technique to pick the lock and it worked. I took the metal thingamabob just in case I need it. One I got to the sliding glass door it was unlocked, so I threw the metal thingamabob to the neighbour’s house. I opened the sliding glass door, quickly grabbed the phone and left. I pressed the numbers and called my mom.

“Hello?” my mom questioned.

“It’s Gavin, you are not going to believe-”

“ Let me guess, Billy Bob Joe did something horrible to you?”

“YES! He locked me in the linen closet!”

“How are you going to prove it?”

“I hid cameras, and this time I got em!”

I hung up and texted the video proof to my mom. I waited for her to reply and POOF! She replied.

It read:

Wow! U were right =O What about the light bulb:(

I texted back:

Don’t worry mom, I got this under control ;D

I turned off the phone and went back in the kitchen. When I stepped inside the living room I saw Billy Bob Joe’s dad’s car pull over(His father’s name is Sloppy Joe)

Billy Bob Joe spotted me. “How did you get in here? I locked you in!” Billy Bob Joe said.

Ding Dong, the doorbell rang as I opened the door.

“Gavin’s mom called me, Billy Bob Joe,” Sloppy Joe said.”You’re in big trouble, mister!”

“But…” Billy Bob Joe argued.

An old lady named Bessie came by and asked,”Who threw a broken light bulb in my backyard?”

“I blame Billy Bob Joe,” I answered.

Sloppy Joe dragged Billy Bob Joe into the car and Bessie left, so I closed the door.

“Yay yeah!” I cheered as I ran around the house.