I would like to thank Macy Loves Stories for nominating me this book tag. To be honest I really thought that this was hard. Well, lets get this started=)


  • Come up with as much similarities from books to movies as possible.
  • Nominate people.
  • Let people know that you nominated them.

If you have read this:

watch this:

They both have constant adventures. They also both have Gods that have to save humanity. I find these very similar and I am sure if you like the Percy Jackson series you would like the Avengers movie.

If you have read this:

watch this:

They are great fairy tales that you would love. Inkheart actually has Toto in the movie!

If you have read this:

Watch this:

Both very cute, funny, and a very great tale. Mary Poppins and Nanny Mcphee are both babysitters that have to take care of naughty children. They are also very Magical!!

Who I nominate:

Josie’s Book Corner

Insanity Talks


Jewel’s Eclectic Books

Bookmark Chronicles 

Ultimate Fangirl

I am sorry that I could only think of three. This was a super hard post , but it was super fun. I hope you guys really enjoyed it!!!