When Quiddich was canceled, The Wizardly Tournament was put in its place. Even though Harry was still young, he was picked to be in the tournament by the Goblet of Fire. Since he was picked by the Goblet of fire he had to do it. At the end of the tournament he was face to face with Voldemort. Voldemort rose again!

This  was the best Harry Potter book I have read so far. I was really disappointed in the movie though. Crouch’s house elf was not in the movie. She was a very important part in the book. This book was very long, Almost too long to put in a two and a half long movie. Anyway lets get back to the book. The characters were described well, especially Moody. I really enjoyed all the characters in the tournament. Cedric was very brave and friendly to Harry Potter. He could have picked the cup but he saved it for Harry. I can not wait to read the next book!

Review written by Jordan