Jack and Annie are going on an adventure to ‎Macedonia to find Alexander the Great to find greatness. But when they got there they found out that Alexander really isn’t that great. Then they found a beautiful stallion that no one can ride for war because the stallion only let the master ride it. Unfortunately the horse’s master died at war. Jack and Annie Are hoping that they can train the horse and give the horse to Alexander so that he can show his father that this horse is not useless.

You are probability thinking that this blog is named teen and tween book club and why would you put a first grade book on your blog. Well I think that it should still be in my blog for people that love Magic Tree House can enjoy the review. Even though Magic Tree House is too easy for me I still enjoy them. I love them because they are fun to imagine what is going on in the book. These books are really making my imagination grow.

Review written by Jordan