My dad has written a post about a guy on the train asking him why read while he was reading on his way to work. I thought that I would make a comment here to share with you!

The reason I like reading is that it takes you places when you are just sitting on the couch. A lot of people say T.V. is better because you can see what happens on a screen and really do nothing. Well, I would rather read a book and imagine what the place and people look like inside your book. I like to imagine what is inside a book because my imagination, in my opinion, is better than a T.V. screen that doesn’t even help educate you at all. Reading, on the other hand, helps you with your writing skills and speech.

Now, if ask me if I ever thought at one point in life that reading was boring, I would have to admit yes. Every day at school for homework I had to read for an half hour. Every day I would complain to my mom telling her that I hated reading and asked why I had to read. When I look back on it I think wow, I was weird. I recently saw a poster that said “If you think reading is boring, your doing it wrong.” I guess I wasn’t reading right before. Now I read about sixty pages or more per day and have a blog for book reviews with my brothers and sisters.

Review written by Jordan