AuthorAlly Condie                                                                                                              Genre: Adventure, Romance 

Ky’s perspective: Ky is trying to escape out of war with friend named Nick and Eli to find Cassia. On the way Ky and his friends find a secret place that farmers used to stay so they could be safe away from society. In there the farmers hid special papers and maps to keep it safe so society cant find it. Ky hopes that Cassia will find this place and will be together again.

Cassia’s perspective: After Cassia escapes, she and a girl named Indie are headed to find Ky. While on their way, she was told by Indie that blue tablets are poisonous, but Cassia knew that she was wrong because Xander [her match] gave it to her. She swallowed it anyway and got sick. After eating lots she ended up okay.

I know you where possibly thinking. Did they find each other? Well I don’t want to spoil the whole book.This book was very well written and very well thought out. But I still think that the other should have talked more about the other characters Eli, Indie, and Nick. This book is at first hard to understand because I forgot the story line about society and aberrations. When I started going deeper into the book I started understanding it better. This book was a bit too advanced but not enough to make me not read the third book in the series. I would still recommend this book to 13 and up.

Review written by Jordan