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August 2015

Flynn’s Log #1: Rescue Island

One day a boy named Flynn gets stuck in a video game called Minecraft. In order to survive he needs to build a shelter and find food. While he is there he meets a girl named Zana. She tells him that it is his destiny to find his way out of the game. So Flynn and his friend go on a journey to get out of Minecraft.

I really liked this book. It was very adventurous and a very fun book to read. I am exited to read the second book!

Review written by Masen

The Rabbit Ate My Homework

One Day a boy named Drew rode on his bike. His dad told him not to go in the woulds and do jumps on it, but Drew did it anyway. While he was in the woods he broke his bike. He did not want to bring it back home so he hid it so no one can find it. Then on the next day after school he found a bunny in his backpack. He and his sister (Libby) decided to take care of it, leaving another secret from his parents.

I really liked this book.The rabbit was so cute and funny.I also learned a valuable lesson. I learned that it is not good to lie and to keep secrets from your parents.

Review written by Masen

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Magic Tree House (Stallion by Starlight)

Jack and Annie are going on an adventure to ‎Macedonia to find Alexander the Great to find greatness. But when they got there they found out that Alexander really isn’t that great. Then they found a beautiful stallion that no one can ride for war because the stallion only let the master ride it. Unfortunately the horse’s master died at war. Jack and Annie Are hoping that they can train the horse and give the horse to Alexander so that he can show his father that this horse is not useless.

You are probability thinking that this blog is named teen and tween book club and why would you put a first grade book on your blog. Well I think that it should still be in my blog for people that love Magic Tree House can enjoy the review. Even though Magic Tree House is too easy for me I still enjoy them. I love them because they are fun to imagine what is going on in the book. These books are really making my imagination grow.

Review written by Jordan

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry is going to Hogwarts for his third year. Harry later figures out that the servant  of Voldemort ( Sirius Black) escaped from Azkaban to go after Harry. When Sirius is near the school it is up to Harry and his friends Hermoine and Ron to find Sirius.

This book was even more exiting than the first and second book in the series. I loved that the author really keeps you hanging on what might happen next. The Characters in the book were more described and more thought out. I can not wait to get the next book from the library!

Review written by Jordan

Rowan of Rin: Rowan of the Bukshaw #5


Rowan, Zeel, Norris, and Sharaan are on a mission to stop the Cold Time. The bukshaw are missing and are need of help. Sheba gives Rowan a poem for his adventure but at the time he   he couldn’t solve it. Will Rowan his friends be able to solve the poem before facing the Cold Time?

This Is the last book of the series. Emily Rodda did a good job of writing this book. I am looking forward to read the other books she has written.

.Review written by Gavin Age 12

Is that true?

Why read?

My dad has written a post about a guy on the train asking him why read while he was reading on his way to work. I thought that I would make a comment here to share with you!

The reason I like reading is that it takes you places when you are just sitting on the couch. A lot of people say T.V. is better because you can see what happens on a screen and really do nothing. Well, I would rather read a book and imagine what the place and people look like inside your book. I like to imagine what is inside a book because my imagination, in my opinion, is better than a T.V. screen that doesn’t even help educate you at all. Reading, on the other hand, helps you with your writing skills and speech.

Now, if ask me if I ever thought at one point in life that reading was boring, I would have to admit yes. Every day at school for homework I had to read for an half hour. Every day I would complain to my mom telling her that I hated reading and asked why I had to read. When I look back on it I think wow, I was weird. I recently saw a poster that said “If you think reading is boring, your doing it wrong.” I guess I wasn’t reading right before. Now I read about sixty pages or more per day and have a blog for book reviews with my brothers and sisters.

Review written by Jordan

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