by: Ally Condie

Genre: Fiction, Romance

Age Recommendation: 13+

Rating: I loved it!

Review: A girl named Cassia Reyes is supposed to marry her friend, Xander. Later on she starts falling in love with a different boy, Ky. Spending so much time with Ky is starting to draw a lot of attention, and not positive attention. It is also forcing her do things that are illegal. Will she be able to get this in control?

This book is a lovely book that I could not put down. I love how the author made Cassia brave enough to do what she knew was dangerous. Even though the book is in Cassia’s perspective, I still think the author  could have done a better job of developing the other main characters. This book makes me think of what my life may look like in the future when I fall in love and also makes me have romantic dreams.

Reviewed by: Jordan Age 12

P.S This book sometimes confusing and hard to understand at times. I would recommend this book thirteen or older.