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July 2015

Thank You!!!

I have been blogging for about a month now and I want to thank the people who are helping my blog. I want to thank Jewel’s Eclectic Books for all of her help and cooperation with me on the blog. I also want to thank The Book’s The Thing for being one of the first to follow. And lastly I want to thank Bookmark Chronicles for following me and all your great reviews of books!

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

by: J.K Rowling

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Mystery

Age Recommendation: 10+

Rating: I loved it!

Review:  Harry Potter is in his second year in Hogwarts and is on another daring adventure. When he gets to the school he starts  hearing voices in the wall that no one else can hear.  he and his friends [Hermione and Ron] also find something  written on the walls saying that the chamber of secrets is open. together Harry and his  friends uncover the mystery.

This book is making me even more interested in reading all of the Harry Potter books. The book keeps you on the edge of your seats and wanting to know what happens next.  The characters are as amazing as the first book. Even though I have not read all the books yet, I still know that all of them will be good.

Reviewed by: Jordan Age 12


by: Ally Condie

Genre: Fiction, Romance

Age Recommendation: 13+

Rating: I loved it!

Review: A girl named Cassia Reyes is supposed to marry her friend, Xander. Later on she starts falling in love with a different boy, Ky. Spending so much time with Ky is starting to draw a lot of attention, and not positive attention. It is also forcing her do things that are illegal. Will she be able to get this in control?

This book is a lovely book that I could not put down. I love how the author made Cassia brave enough to do what she knew was dangerous. Even though the book is in Cassia’s perspective, I still think the author  could have done a better job of developing the other main characters. This book makes me think of what my life may look like in the future when I fall in love and also makes me have romantic dreams.

Reviewed by: Jordan Age 12

P.S This book sometimes confusing and hard to understand at times. I would recommend this book thirteen or older.

A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier

by: Ishmael Beah

Genre: Non-Fiction, Young Adult

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review: This is the true story of a young boy whose country went to war. He was separated from his family and spent many months wandering with a few other boys, trying to run away from the violence. He ends up in a small village where they are forced to join the army. Then, he is drugged and sent out to kill the enemy. In the end, he goes to New York and tries to start his life over.

This is a very well written book that fully describes what this boy had to go through to survive. It shows how lucky some of us are to live in a safe environment growing up.

Reviewed by: Amber age 14

Rowan of Rin

by: Emily Rodda
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
Age Recommendation: 10-12 yrs
Rating: Loved It!
Review: Rowan is extremely afraid of the dragon that lives on the mountain, but he must join six others to hike the mountain. Their mission is to find out why there hasn’t been water flowing down it for so long. Rowan was given a map and poems help them on their quest. On the way, all but Rowan fall behind and he alone returns home. It’s now up to Rowan to defeat the dragon.

I loved this book because the characters are well described. I like that Rowan is an unexpected hero in the story. He is skinny and shy and even has the nickname “Skinny Rabbit”. I also like that the riddle for the quest is a clever poem.

Reviewed by: Gavin age 12

Katie and the Cupcake Cure

by: Coco Simon

Genre: Fiction

Age Recommendation: 7-9 yrs

Rating: Okay

Review: A girl named Katie Brown is starting middle school, but its not going at all how she planned. Her friend dumps her for some popular kids and she starts the year off without any friends. Later she ends up making new friends and even starting a new club!

This book wasn’t very exciting to me. If you are looking for an adventurous or intriguing book, this is not the one for you. However, I do like the main character Katie. She reminds me of myself at times. I guess I would rate this as an okay book.

Reviewed by: Jordan age 12

Geronimo Stilton and the Dragon Prophecy

by: Geronimo Stilton

Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure

Age Recommendation: 7-9 yrs

Rating: I loved it!

Review: A mouse named Geronimo Stilton realised that someone says that he was a knight with a dragon mark on his paw. Geronimo goes on a crazy adventure to find a stolen dragon egg. A frog, a princess, and two dragons join Geronimo to help on his adventure before the evil dragons take over the Kingdom of Silver Dragons.

This was another fun adventure book. Best of all, it was filled with cool dragons. I also liked that the characters were funny.

    Reviewed by: Masen age 13

Summer’s Shadow

by: Anna Wilson

Genre: Fiction, Mystery

Age Recommendation: 10-12 yrs

Rating: I loved it!

Review: This book is about a girl named Summer who has to live with her aunt, uncle, and cousin when her mum dies in a car accident. Her aunt and her cousin don’t like her very much and her uncle doesn’t like talking about her family. Summer begins uncovering secrets about her family and why her mum wanted her to live with her aunt and uncle.
This is one of my favourite books. I couldn’t put it down and read the entire thing in one day! I loved how the author kept me wondering what might happen next.

    Reviewed by: Jordan age 12

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